Ribbed Hot Water Bottle

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What is better than a gift of comfort and warmth? Our snuggly Alicia Adams Alpaca Hot Water Bottles are the ultimate holiday, birthday or any-time-of-year gift. These personal knit heaters, due to the nature of alpaca fibers, retain heat phenomenally and are sure to cozy anyone up. A timeless and charming throw back to times-past - perfect for the "person who has everything." Now available in a wide variety of colors. 

Included: Water bottle insert.  

100% baby alpaca | dry clean only

Proudly fair-trade made in Peru.

Cashmere is not environmentally friendly and many people are allergic. Alpaca is sustainably sourced, easy on the environment, and hypoallergenic. Its fibers are also longer, and is less likely to pill. It even traps and releases heat, since it’s a smart fiber.