Welcome to Our Alpaca Family

Life moves by in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday that we arrived at what would be our new home in Millbrook, NY. Since then our family has grown. Not only have we been blessed with more children, but a quite a few alpaca, friends, and people (like you) who have helped our business take hold. Our mission has always been more quaint. It was first to farm alpaca, then to have a line. Over time we have been privileged enough to see this company transform from an idea to a brand, where we are able to provide a touch of comfort to those who enjoy our products. 

As we move forward in this digital age, we endeavor to provide an experience – as close as we can – to that which our customers experience when they visit our store. Our line is refined, yet cozy – luxurious, yet humble. You’ll see that we still shoot our product on salvaged barn wood, as well as on a smooth white surface. It’s imperative to show how well it transitions from a rural environ to one that’s more urban in nature. One of our goals has been to provide a better way to view our products. So much gets lost in a photograph, but we are hopeful that new high definition photos with a zoom feature will provide the ability to see the detail and thoughtfulness that goes into creating each and every item that bears our name. 

Since we aren’t there in person to hear your feedback about the feel of a sweater, the stitching on a throw, or how much your family member loved your gift, we've also added reviews to our site so that you can share experiences. Because your feedback is of paramount importance, we commit to reviewing every single review. Additionally, we’ve added a blog to bring you more closely into the day-to-day of our Alpaca family. While there is a good deal of technical mumbo-jumbo that accompanies a launch such as this, what truly matters is that we hope that you will find the experience of shopping online to be effortless and that the new site allows you to focus on the product which we put our hearts and souls into creating.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to our journey with you. While we have done so much together already, we have only just begun.

Yours truly,

Alicia Adams