King Field Blanket

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With its rustic design and feel, our Alicia Adams Alpaca Field Blanket is a beautiful addition to home decor. This king size alpaca bedding blanket is perfect to outfit any queen or king sized bed. An affordable and eco-conscious, yet stunning addition to any room. Take it glamping, to the shore, or enjoy it at home for years to come. This ecofriendly item is crafted partially of recycled fibers.

Dimensions: 100 in. x 100 in. with whipstitch finish

52% recycled alpaca | 33% recycled wool | 15% cotton | dry clean only

Proudly fair-trade made in Peru.

Cashmere is not environmentally friendly and many people are allergic. Alpaca is sustainably sourced, easy on the environment, and hypoallergenic. Its fibers are also longer, and is less likely to pill. It even traps and releases heat, since it’s a smart fiber.