Oct 07, 2019

Malibu Magazine June 2019 alicia adams alpaca best luxury alpaca home decor Malibu Magazine June 2019 alicia adams alpaca best luxury alpaca home decor Malibu Magazine June 2019 alicia adams alpaca best luxury alpaca home decor Malibu Magazine June 2019 alicia adams alpaca best luxury alpaca home decor

Alicia and Daniel Adams are not ones for waiting. That’s not to say the husband-and-wife duo behind Alicia Adams Alpaca, the cult-status line of ultra-luxe, 100% baby alpaca clothing and home goods, aren’t patient. Indeed patience is kind of an occupational necessity if you work with alpaca fiber. Wily, coarse and streaked with wiry guard hair when it’s first shorn, a process that doesn’t harm or hurt the animals, turning raw alpaca fleece into an Alicia Adams Alpaca throw or sweater is a ridiculously long, tedious and expensive process, requiring hours of meticulous brushing to rid the fiber of every last coarse strand. But if the Alicia Adams Alpaca process takes a lot longer and costs more than traditional cashmere and alpaca fur processing, the results are more than worth it. Stunningly soft (think cashmere coziness times 10) preternaturally durable and never, ever scratchy, the Alicia Adams Alpaca line has exploded since it was founded in 2009, currently available and routinely selling out in some of the most exclusive department stores and boutiques in the world, from Barneys New York to the Malibu Colony Company. It’s been a whirlwind few years for Alicia and Daniel, who not 15 years ago were business professionals living in Munich who had never seen, let alone heard of, an alpaca. But for the Adams, who recently moved to Broad Beach with their four children and just opened their second brickand- mortar Alicia Adams Alpaca store in the Trancas Country Market, risk-taking has always been the inclination over sitting back and waiting. “We thought—what’s the worst that could happen?” said Alicia. It was 2005 when Alicia and Daniel, ready for new adventure after years in Munich, began looking into different locales for their young family. The Adams had always been fascinated with farm life, and with two young children and a third on the way, began envisioning vineyards in Australia or olive farms in Italy where they might raise their children and make a living off the land. That year Daniel and Alicia decided on a few dream locations and Daniel dispatched on a whirlwind tour, trying to find an ideal location before Alicia gave birth. Landing in New South Wales to scout various vineyards, when serendipity hit. While sitting in the backyard of his rural guesthouse after a vineyard showing, Daniel found himself face-to-face with a family of animals scompletely alien to him. The peculiar creatures looked like llamas, with the same long tufted necks and furrowed, doeeyed faces, but were much smaller, about the size of great danes. These were alpacas, the homeowners told Daniel, a rare species counting a tiny global population of four million (compared with 250 million cashmere goats) whose coveted fiber produces one of the most luxurious and durable natural materials on the market. Daniel was immediately intrigued by the animals and even moreso as he began researching the alpaca breeding industry, which can prove incredibly lucrative considering the high demand for the animals’ quality fiber, with well-bred males fetching upwards of five figures. That same day Daniel was back in Munich, where Alicia gave birth to their son, Tassilo. As they cooed over their new baby in the hospital, Alicia inquired after the vineyard scouting trip. “We’re not doing vineyards,” Daniel told her, passing along the latest edition of Alpacas Magazine. “We’re going to breed alpacas.” “My first reaction was: can we talk about this a little later?’” said Alicia with a laugh. “My second reaction was: what’s an alpaca?” After doing some research, however, Alicia was immediately on-board with the idea...



Now available in nearly 100 vibrant proprietary colors, our 100% baby alpaca is a showstopper. Crafted by skilled artisans, it offers unparalleled quality that you're sure to love for years to come.